I.D.E.A. Curriculum

Overview of Curriculum

Pre-service teachers are the backbone of the I.D.E.A. program. Each pre-service teacher is required to take an Emerging Technologies course with robotics as a unit. This allows our pre-service teachers to understand how to apply critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration with robotics in the classroom.

A service learning component in this class also immerses our pre-service teachers in the business world, public school classrooms, workshops and specialty activities with other teachers and students.

NSU Robotics Academy of Critical Engagement, R.A.C.E.   curriculum

Curriculum (pdf)


"In a effective classroom, students should not only know what they are doing, but show also know how and why", Harry Wong.


Technology & The 21st Century Courses

The College of Education embeds robotics into all emerging technologies courses.

  • Required for Pre-Service Teachers
  • Service Learning Component
  • Critical thinking, problem solving
  • Communication, Collaboration
  • Tutoring


  • Tutored over 500 PK-12
  • Service Learning: 200 teachers and 30 businesses
  • Kid's World
  • Mentoring
  • STEM Conference