I.D.E.A. Applications

Northeastern State University RACE to Space NASA Summer Academy Application

Grade level by Fall of 2021

Good rules of etiquette in requesting a recommendation:

  1. Speak to the person you wish to give you a good recommendation in a face to face or telephone setting. Do not email or text. Show professional courtesy to someone you are making a person request from.
  2. Explain that you would like a favorable recommendation and explain why. It is helpful to explain what the camp will consist of and your desire to attend this camp, along with any long term goals you may have toward college and a STEM career. You may not have any goals or any Fill
    I would like for you to contact the following for a recommendation:

Please email a video (no more than 3 minutes) of your goals and why this academy would help you reach them. You may create a song, poem, sing, dance, or just speak to us. Send to idea@nsuok.edu.