I.D.E.A. Public Relations & Recruiting

PR and Recruiting Overview

I.D.E.A. focuses on a multitude of outreach programs for the community, partners, businesses and recruitment. A Summer Robotics Academy is offered through a grant from OSHRE. Summer camps and academies, with emphasis in STEAM areas, for ages PK-12 are offered annually on both the Tahlequah and the Broken Arrow campus. Pre-service teachers, staff and faculty immerse themselves in the school systems for enrichment programs and tutor in after school programs throughout the year and serve on global initiatives. I.D.E.A. also sponsors programs for initiatives in Cap-Haitian, Haiti and Vienna, Austria.

NSU Robotics Academy of Critical Engagement, R.A.C.E.     public relations and recruiting

Public Relations and Recruiting (pdf)

"Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing about", Benjamin Franklin


I.D.E.A. loves its community!

  • Scholarship initiatives
  • Pre-Service Presentation with Kiwanis and Rotary
  • Pre-Service teachers helping Public School Foundation for Grants
  • NSU Recruitment


  • Teacher Education Fundraisers
  • Global Partners
  • National Recruitment
  • Global Scholarship Initiatives
  • Community Partners