I.D.E.A. Training & Development

Training and Development Overview

Support for pre-service teachers, teachers in the field, individual students and teams is continually provided by the I.D.E.A. program. I.D.E.A. has a partnership with Cherokee Nation to support teachers in the field. I.D.E.A. also has a partnership with the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation, assuring the most up to date technologies in the STEM field are available for training. Faculty work with pre-service teachers to design and implement evolving curriculum.

NSU Robotics Academy of Critical Engagement, R.A.C.E.    training and development

Training and Development (pdf)

"We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it", Galileo Galilei


I.D.E.A. partners with Robotics Education and Competition Foundation.

  • Design World Championship Rubrics
  • Three Global Committees
  • Workshops
  • Professional Training


  • Workshops 350 teachers
  • Professional Development 200 Teachers
  • On-Site Professional Training 30 Schools
  • International Teacher Training in Austria & Haiti
  • On-site Introductory sessions with teachers from China